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January 5, 2016


It is January 2016

I am 69




A 6 and a 9

It has a certain


the 6 becomes the 9

a roundness

you can flip it

twirl it

set it on its side

still the number

reads the same

its meaning will not change

I am


years old




Maui-Inspired Poetry

September 19, 2015

lahaina sunset

I wrote a lot of poetry during the years that I was a caregiver. It was a way of expressing emotions too deep to reach my lips or my voice. My newer poems, however, are verses that I shout out loud at gatherings in Lahaina, Wailuku and most recently Makawao.

The Maui Live Poet Society is putting together an anthology. Some of my poems, I hope, will be dancing their way through those pages. In the mean time, I will be sharing those Hawaiian-inspired poems with my creative friends back in Arizona soon.Kihei sunset 2015

Senior Downsizing Decisions – Free Seminar

April 21, 2015

Aging requires several life changing decisions–

medical, financial, geographical.

Get tools to make those choices easier. Wednesday April 22 at 11 AM. Vistas Rec Center, 18823 N Country Club Pkwy, Peoria AZ. And of course I will be there with my book.


Caregiver Book Chosen in Readers’ Favorite Giveaway

April 7, 2015

This month’s winner of Readers’ Favorite book giveaway chose “More Than I Could Ever Know: How I Survived Caregiving.” Her review will be coming soon.  Want to get in on free books ever month?  Check out

Monthly Book Giveaway

Monthly Book Giveaway

Caregiving Like It Is

February 2, 2015

Honest caregiver talk Part 2 hits home.  Listen to this chat to overcome that isolated, overwhelmed feeling. Rebecca asks such probing questions.  I told it all.  Try to forget what has changed.  Don’t stew about the future.  Focus on the golden moments.  An inspiring estate sale around Mt. Tabor Park.  An artist who left behind an ink and white paper drawing.

Caregiver Chat at Improvement Radio

Mom's last Mother's Day at Crystals Springs.

Mom’s last Mother’s Day at Crystals Springs.