Dale L. Baker is a caregiver in recovery.  She retired in 2003 from a diverse although tedious civil service career to care for her husband, Richard, full-time.  He died in 2008, outliving his predicted expiration date and her anticipated widowhood by several years.  Working through grief flashbacks Dale is currently compiling a guide on how to survive caregiving without dying before your loved one.  The working title is “Hold My Hand, Don’t Rub It,” one of Rich’s patient-to-caregiver instructions.

Dale’s short stories, fashioned from memory, have appeared in magazines (Coastal Woman, Greenprints) and newspapers (New Hampshire Senior Beacon, Senior News of Houston, Ft. Worth Senior Wire).  Her recorded trips into fantasy have appeared in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine and GlassFire E-zine.  Her poetry can be found in the 2008 anthology VoiceCatcher 2 and in past issues of Today’s Caregiver Magazine and Writers’ Journal.

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