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Why Are They Stealing It?

October 27, 2016
Mom Last Year

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It’s only a $4.99 e book. Free with Kindle Unlimited. So why are they stealing it? Perhaps I shot myself in the foot when I wrote on the last page of my award-winning caregiver book  Are you done with this book? Please give it to a caregiver. Don’t know any? Look around. They are everywhere.

I didn’t mean put it on the internet as a free download. But that’s what’s happening at half a dozen websites. One website charges a membership fee so they aren’t just “sharing.” True, I did write my book with humanitarian rather than monetary goals and I could be flattered that so many bloggers want to circulate it, but I did spend a lot of money and even more time writing my book and it would be really nice to receive something for my efforts when a new reader enjoys it.

I have learned what a DMCA is. Did you know you can file a complaint (a take down notice)when someone infringes online on your copyright?  It is tedious. Lots of places with confusing instructions. As soon as you hit SEND on your DMCA form the abusing website shuts down and moves to a new URL. I’ve been chasing them for a few weeks now and I see it is pointless.

I miss the royalties yes, but even more, there are no kudos. When I sell my books locally I hear “I loved your book,” “thank you so much for writing it,” I’m getting this copy for my friend.” I do miss that.

So to all of you out there and you know who you are. Could you at least give me a kind word? Please write a review where my book is legally available on Amazon.